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Converted Ambulance

CPX uses a converted Type 3 Class 1 Cutaway E-450 Ford Van-Ambulance.


The ambulance weighs about 14,500 pounds, and has all the equipment and attributes of a full complete ambulance.

It rides like a big boat; very smooth and steady transportation - very quiet, no or very little road noise.


The ambulance is very secure, sound, and safe. It is very quiet with 3-inch thick walls, 3 AC units, 3 heaters and batteries completely climate controlled and perfect for transporting your family member in town, around the state or out of state. 

CPX can control the temperature in three areas, and able to separately transport mammals at one temperature and reptiles at another and the cab at another. We are able to transport the whole family of pets at one time. We can also take your pets personal items: toys, bedding, food/bowls, etc. This may help your pet with the ride. If posable, add some type of clothing of yours. Your sent helps being secure while traveling.

Small Mammals
Large enclosure w/3 cots
Large enclosure  w/2 areas
Large area
Large area for 2 types of pets
Space for small pets
Small Pets

Convenience, Comfort, and Safety

The driver is able to stay with your pet from pick up to delivery. Driver can sleep in the ambulance with your pet.


The ambulance has a refrigerator—food/meds, microwave, toilet, water—filtered, all the time.


If requested, food can be available at all times.


Toys, crates, hammock type beds, regular soft beds for open ride can also be available. Open ride is when your pet is able to wander the ambulance.

CPX has cameras inside for the driver to watch your pets, and thermostat to keep the temperature controlled.

CPX also has a camera for you to watch your pet(s) inside the ambulance from pickup to delivery--may have an extra charge.


The only time we may have to leave your pet alone is when we fuel up or get something to eat for your pet or ourselves, or if there is a problem that needs attention.


We should be able to stay with your pet(s) all the way to their destination.

In the case of inclement weather, customer will be notified if things needs to change unexpectedly.


You can call or text any time, but please remember, we do not text while driving.

We can take calls through hands free calling via the truck's entertainment system.

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